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週末俱樂部 Weekend Club

Ten Lucks of Longevity and Time-Flowing Time Shop

Ten Lucks of Longevity and Time-Flowing Time Shop

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Understand the current and future trends throughout the year, seek for good luck and avoid bad luck, and find breaking points and opportunities.




45 minutes


The longevity fortune chart is a combination of numerology and horoscopes to calculate a person's fortune over time. It provides Chinese name and year, month and day of birth in AD (a Chinese name is required). The content will provide the overall fortune of the year, including work, relationship, health, etc., and provide an analysis of the fortune trend in the past five years.


1. A copy of personalized horoscope information

2. 45 minutes online chat


*Overseas customers please choose credit card payment or Paypal

*Please go to the following reservation system to make an appointment after payment is completed.

If you have changed your name before, please inform us first, as the results may be inaccurate.

*If you need to combine the charts, you need to get the consent of the other party, and you can only tell the fortune related to you.

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