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About Weekend Club

Since the first industrial revolution in Britain in 1760, people's lifestyles have undergone tremendous changes. The Weekend Club brand explores this historical turning point in depth, focusing on the transition from farmland to factory, from the laws of nature to the industrial clock. At that time, people experienced urban life for the first time. They entered the apartment and felt for themselves that the rhythm of life was no longer "work at sunrise and rest at sunset." This industrial revolution not only improved the quality of life, but also brought unprecedented fatigue. Against this backdrop, Weekend Club understands the importance of rest.

The writer Dickens once said



Since the Industrial Revolution ⇀

This reflects the desire for a balance between life and work. After 50 years of changes, people have gradually realized that a good life is not just about work, but proper rest is equally important. From the initial days when workers set their own Monday off in the name of "Saint Monday" to the two-day off week that began during the Great Depression after World War II, all of this demonstrates the process of seeking work-life balance.

A perfect balance of life and rest

Weekend clubs embody this pursuit of a balanced life. Our brand not only provides high-quality electronic products, but also a platform for people to relax and enjoy life. From the Industrial Revolution in 1760 to modern times, weekends have become an integral part of people's lives. The weekend club is dedicated to enriching your weekend time and allowing you to find your own leisure moments in your busy work life.