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Zhouyi Divination-Fleeting Shop

Zhouyi Divination-Fleeting Shop

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I have been confused about something recently and want to seek direction and answers.




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Divination is included in "divination", one of the five ancient arts. After the business and Zhou dynasties, it was simplified and evolved into three divination techniques: Lianshan Yi, Guizang Yi and Zhou Yi. Later generations mostly used Zhou Yi for divination and calculation. , also known as "揲蓏法" or "筮法", and the complete name is "Dayan Gugua Method". This Zhouyi divination method is based on the Dayan Gugua method and is simplified and calculated in conjunction with actual events.

The things you ask include things or problems in the past three months or the next three months. The things you ask about must be about yourself or things related to you. You cannot predict the results of other people's things or problems without your consent. Whenever divination describes a problem, try to be objective and specific about a single event, and the results presented will be clearer and clearer.


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